U2 How do you come to school?
U2 How do you come to school?
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U2 How do you come to school?




Step1 Presentation

TYou come to school… How do they come to school?

1Watch and match

Now,let’s watch and match.

SsWatch and match.

Q: How does××come to school?

新授:taximetroon foot

Think and talk

Ss…comes to school…

Read and answer

T: Why does Su Hai come to school by bus?


新授:far from school near City Library

T: Where does Su Hai live?


新授:on Moon Street

T: Su Hai’s new home is far from school,but she still likes it,why?


5Try to act


S2:I live on…near…

I come to school…

6Find and answer

Where do Su Hai’s friends live ?  Let’s read and find.

Ss: Read

T: Who’s A?

Who’s B?

Who’s C?

7Try to answer

T: Where do they live?

Q: Where does×× live?


新授:near school on Park Street in Sunshine Town

8Think and say

T: How do they come to school?


Q: How does ×× come to school? Why?

 拓展:How does Mike come to school?  Why? 让孩子们发挥想象力。

Work in pairs

Act Mike and his friend to make a dialogue about why he comes to school by metro.


Good morning./Hello.

Where ...?   I live...

How...?      I come...

Why...?      Because...

What about you? ...

9Listen and repeat

10Retell the story


Step3 Evaluation

Step4 Homework





















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