Unit1 Cinderella
Unit1 Cinderella
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Unit1 Cinderella


Step 1 Greeting & Warm up


2、Get to know

T: Do you want to know more about me?

S: Yes .

Step 2 Presentation

1.let’s say

T: Why am I strong and fat?

S: Because …

T: Why do I like singing and dancing?

S: Because …

T: Why do I like reading fairy tales?

S: Because …

T: Look ,a fairy comes.

Do you like fairies? Why?

S: …

T: I like fairies too, because she can help people.

T: Look , I’m a fairy. I can help you, what do you want?

S: I want …

T: Why?

S: Because …

T: Do you want fairy tales?

S: Yes .

T: Good. Today ,we’ll read a fairy tale, the name is Cinderella.

Do you know the story?

S: Yes .

T: Ok, here are some sentences. If it is true, you say “yeah, yeah ,yeah”, If it is not, you say “no, no, no”. Let’s go.


Step 3. Story time

1.Watch and order.

Which one is No.1? No.2?

2.Read and answer.

T: Here are three questions.

Q: Where’s the party?

T: The party is at the prince’s house.

Do you know prince?

There’s a party.

But Cinderella cannot go.

T: Who can go to the party?

Look, Cinderella is very sad. Who helps her?

When does Cinderella have to come back?

3.Read and match.

4.Find and say

You’ve known the story. Now let’s deal with some difficult points.

Here are three sentences, can you find some similar ones in the story?

5. Listen and repeat.

6.Ask and answer.

7.let’s show.

8.Let’s imagine.

Can you give the story an ending?


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