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Remember Steve Boswell, General Manager of frog design and design Asia Pacific, spoke to Google Glass? As a regional manager of a top design company, he also worked at fashion fast-moving consumer goods companies such as GAP. His views on Google Glass are: “About Google Glass, first of all, its shape really needs to be improved, because it is really ugly. You see the people in Silicon Valley wearing Google Glass know how ridiculous it is and how ugly it is.” (source)

However, the situation may change afterwards. After the release of prescription glasses to facilitate myopia, Google announced an alliance with Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica. Luxottica, with its famous eyewear brands such as Best Fake Ray Bans and Oakley, will help Google design, develop and promote Google Glass.

Whether it’s a hardcore movie like “Terminator”, “Top Gun”, “Black Man”, “Batman”, or a romantic book like “Roman Holiday” and “Tiffany’s Breakfast”, Ray-Ban glasses Become an important element in the film. On the track of the Tour de France, in the NBA’s arena, or in the movies of “The Matrix” and “Spider-Man”, Oakley glasses also became a landscape.

For Google, the addition of Luxottica can solve the fashion problems of their Google Glass and lead to mass consumers. In Luxottica’s view, Google Glass represents another potential opportunity for the eyewear industry. Andrea Guerra, CEO of Luxottica, said that they have been working with Google since last year.

Obviously, Google Glass has not yet become a mass consumer product like a smartphone. It is not mature in terms of price and function. At the same time, Geek’s shape makes it a fun thing for technology lovers, but it is not seen. Will be accepted by the public. Therefore, Luxottica’s help in designing Google Glass for Google may mean that this product, which has been available for nearly two years, is a step closer to consumers.

Luxottica is not willing to disclose details of the details of the cooperation between the two parties. The only certainty is that Oakley and Best Fake Ray Bans designers will work with Google’s design to design a new Google Glass instead of simply combining Google Glass with cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses. Then we can imagine that the Google Glass sunglasses afterwards may be more integrated and the body will be smaller.

The benefits that Luxottica can bring to Google Glass are not just the growth of design. The Italian manufacturer with 12.4% share in the glasses market (2012) has about 5,000 offline retail stores in the US. It can become a place for Google Glass to sell and solve sales problems.

Google Glass, which is still in the developer version, doesn’t know when to launch the consumer version, but even the developer version, Google Glass has sold a lot, so Fobes calls it the “giant Kickstarter fundraising plan.” It is expected that during the research and development phase, Google Glass will raise $50 million to improve its products.

Best Fake Ray Bans
Best Fake Ray Bans

Inside Google, they are also discussing the pricing issue of the consumer version of Google Glass, and they hope to start selling Google Glass at the end of this year. At that time, Best Fake Ray Bans sunglasses in movies like “Black Man” may have to be replaced.

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