Yellow Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses For Driving

Sunglasses with yellow lenses

Lately it is becoming fashionable to announce Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses with yellow crystals. They are supposed to be the panacea for driving and practicing sports such as cycling, hunting, etc. Its effectiveness is real, but under certain conditions.

According to experts in optics, yellow filters increase the contrast sensitivity of the eye, which increases visual acuity in mesopic conditions. To understand what this means we have to know a little about how the eye works. Simplifying a lot, it could be said that there are two types of sensors in the eyes: some work in normal light conditions and others, when there is very little light (they are known as cones and rods).

Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses

Yellow Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses for driving Yellow filters increase the brightness of the image. They are recommended to drive with fog and dark days.

If you notice, there is a point of the day where there is hardly any light and you stop distinguishing the colors, that is the threshold where some sensors stop working (the cones) and the others take the control (the canes). Yellow filters allow you to distinguish colors even in low light.

These crystals will be recommendable when we have to drive on foggy or very cloudy days, but they should not be used as sunglasses, because -precisely- they increase the luminosity. This does not mean that they allow us to see better at night: if there is no light, there is no luminosity to increase, so it is flatly false that they are advisable to drive at night. They are appropriate for twilight hours, but once the sun has completely gone, they should not be used.

It never ceases to amaze me the little attention we pay motorists in our eyes. Sight is the most important sense we have for our brain to gather the necessary information and make the appropriate decisions when we drive; Seeing well is a priority. I confess that I myself have fallen into this error and I took too long to check my vision to start to notice that I was tired enough driving and I fell asleep, even sometimes my head hurt (especially when driving with fog). The problem was that I was subjecting my brain to excessive work by having to correct the defects in my eyes, which made me take risks on the road without knowing it. My first advice is to check your eyesight in an optical, it is free and will not take more than 10 minutes.

If you have to use progressive lenses, it is important that you know that there are specific Cheap Ray Bans Eyeglasses to drive and that they are highly recommended if you spend many hours at the wheel, there are even specials for driving day and night.

The specific progressive lenses for driving during the day have a polarized filter to avoid the annoying reflections that we talked about in the section on sunglasses, while the specific progressive ones for the night do not have that polarized filter, but with a slight color to improve the contrast and luminosity. They use a filter called brown tone A.

Regarding the type of mount, it depends on the tastes of each one, but the so-called “air-mount” glasses have the advantage of not “framing” both our field of vision, reducing the dead angles of the eye. (source)

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