Ray Bans not 100% UV protected?

I have several pairs of Ray Bans. All with glass lenses. I recently purchased a UV light from Amazon. I did a test with some paper money and the Ray Bans allowed some UV light to make the security features glow. Not as bright as using the UV light alone, but nonetheless they glowed. I also have some Oakley and Bolle sports sunglasses and they totally blocked the UV. I have several pairs of cheap sunglasses from Amazon that claimed to be 100% UV protected and they also passed the test. I’m a bit disappointed that Ray Bans, being as expensive as they are, don’t have better UV protection.

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Any info on those "FREE, just pay shipping" sunglasses online stores.

Does anyone have any info on those “FREE, just pay shipping” sunglasses in online stores. I have been noticing a lot of these ads appearing in my social media after shopping for sunglasses (imagine that!). Shipping appears to be $5 so I figured, why not? I’m not looking for / expecting great quality, but $5 for a pair of standby shades seems decent.

Are these sites legit? Has anyone used them?

One example: https://bubasglasses.com/

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